How to create a checklist of top ten casinos offers

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Online casino industry is one of the biggest online industries where billions of dollars change hands every year; perhaps its size and span is scattered globally. Casino industry’s growth is unimaginable looking at the age of it; we saw many other industries, who took decades to mature, but online casino industry is just two decades old, and in this short span, it has achieved many milestones of performances. The biggest size and a profitable venture make everyone interested in entering here as a casino operator; hence there are countless online casinos in the world. Though, most of the online casinos are regional or game specific yet they are too many to count. While larger than life size is always an advantage for online players, but at the same time; it is a mess for new players to filter out best and most secured online casino destinations. In no way, it is an easy job to filter out few casinos out of hundreds of options, but this can be done more sophistically if anyone spends some time to prepare a checklist of all the best casino offers.

The first step in preparing a checklist is to fix the priorities of yours, like what would be your bankroll, which are your favorite games, and if you can participate in refer a friend scheme of online casinos. Then, it’s time to collect materialistic details of top ten casinos in your region. You can take top ten casinos’ list from any casino review site for your analysis. Now, it comes the hardest part, i.e., preparing a checklist.

A checklist is nothing but a spreadsheet containing your collected details in a matrix form. There could be various columns based on your priorities, like sign up bonus, payout percentage, number of games, and etc. Once your checklist is ready you can formulate a way to decide which should be on top of the list. Some players prefer sign up bonus the most; hence casinos offering highest sign up bonus can be on top of their top ten casinos list, similarly every player can sort the list according to him. The job is not done yet; this is just the basic framework of your dynamic checklist coz every week you can add / remove casinos from it based on what you read about them on online sources. Moreover, next time, whenever you want to sign up with an online casino, you can just look at the checklist and sign up without messing with third party’s recommendations.


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